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UPDATE!:Or rather School is coming. I: Even though I had a 4 month Summer, I spent most of it working. It went by WAY too fast and now school will be starting soon. Here come the anxiety! :'D Yay~
Anyways, though I've been busy this summer all is well. I'm getting to the final images that I promised people. c: Slowly, but I'm getting them done. After that I dunno if I'll open up my requests and stuff again, possibly commission, but not even sure if that'll happen. I just can't find the time to sit still enough to do them. But-- we'll see.
OH! I got a new MAC Pro for school, though can't say I'm a huge fan of Apple, but you never know that might change in awhile. For now I just use my PC and will use the Mac for what I bought it for; school. x: Damn expensive... So I'm poor.
For those of you still waiting on art from me--- I'M SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT! I cannot express that enough. :c Please be patient. -curls up into a ball- And I'm in a place where my fucking style keeps changing. I don't even know anymore--- I can't seem to just do one style, my images all look different. I like trying new things so that might be why. x: FFFFF---
Hope you guys have had an awesome summer and I hope you have fun at school. c: Remember not to take things too seriously.

Requests; CLOSED
Trades; CLOSED
Commissions; CLOSED

# of people waiting for art -->4

1. :iconsniperxtentapsy:
((… ))
2. :iconkuruookami:
((… ))
3. :iconblackfur223:

1. :iconetkri:
2. :iconyukialeccross28:

1. :iconjumping-jelly:
((… ))
2. :iconsilverwolf1003:
((… ))
3. :iconeternal-lyric:
((… ))

Other Commitments;
1. :icontarozueki: (( minecraft character ))
((… ))
2. :iconnecrotichybrid: (( one wolf character ))
3. :iconallispoon: (( single wolf character ))
((… ))
4. :iconnatsumewolf: (( one wolf character -trade- ))

Rita WIP4 by VictoriaDBMirror WIP 4 by VictoriaDBNatsume WIP by VictoriaDB

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Karai0318 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconsqueeeeeplz: Finished season 3!!! It was beautiful! Expect the feels and big surprise in the finale of Once Upon a Time :iconflailplz: How far are you?

Karai: I can't take this anymore! DX *throws her Macbeth book at Noboru*
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Karai0318 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Karai: Another one bites the dust... *flicks a small pebble with her finger across the ground and sets her writing assignment for school aside*

(Been rather slow this week. Have the giftie put on hold until i get my shit toggether now that they just gave us the scary talk about college and applications. *flinches* )
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JackLoaded1994 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow you're awesome :D nice gallery and i really love your linearts <3 La la la la 
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Wild-Willow Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Vici, how do you do? :3

Long time since i talked to you *gives you a cookie* ! ^v^

When you get time i would love to have a color chat with you, i cant seem to get anywhere with one of the main characters hair+eye color!

I just don't get the colors to fit with his personality, would you mind helping me just a bit?
my creativity has run out x-x
(2 Replies)
Karai0318 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Karai: KOUTA! *howls and sprints in full speed and tackles Kouta in her wolf form and whines as she licks the boy's face and wags her tail* 
Kage: *chuckles from behind* Take it easy sis. *sets backpack down* Seems like things here have been uneventful after a week... *looks around* Where's Noboru?
(1 Reply)
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