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Just a little update to tell you guys that I'm doing alright. I'm coping and all and have been reading The Maze Runner trilogy. I'm almost done the third book and will go onto the Prequel. It's realllllly good and I started the first book on Saturday and I'm already on the last book. So intense. Anyways, I'm alright. I got my blood test back the other day and everything it good on that side of things. It was a big relief to find out my thyroid is perfectly fine; it's just that I stress over everything. I mean it's so stupid because I stress about stressing out and that just throws me into a never ending cycle of fits and chest pains. It can even make me irritable, so I haven't been on much; haven't been chatting much.
About the requests and stuff like that I will get to them. I hope no one has thought I'd forgotten them in any way, I've just been trying to focus on school more so then anything else.
All in all I'm alright. c: I haven't had a full on panic attack for a week now, but still have to get the ultrasound and heart monitor put on March 12th. Just to get a better look-see at what's going on when I do get into a fit. And I can promise everyone that the moment I step foot into the hospital my heart will pounds and my chest will feel like it's being constricted by chains. :I -throws arms up- At least they'll get some readings on the monitor!
Thanks for being so patient! I'm doing good in all of my classes thus far. c: Keeping my grades up the best I can. -pokes fingers together- I never want to use my anxiety as an excuse to not get school work done. I bet there is someone out there with worse problems then I with anxiety and stress, soooo. :I I got dis.


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Karai0318 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me after watching the rest of teen wolf season 3:
Wha- D:
But... .__.
TT_TT... *clings to* (Aiden didn't deserve to die... still at least Stiles lived :heart: and I can care less about Allison- she annoys me more than half the time)
Still moving on I can't wait for season 4 and watch Dylan O'Brian on Maze Runner :iconsqueeeplz: 
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lol, that webcam XD cheeky bunny
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animaldeathnote Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg I haven't spoken to you in a while xD
The last time we talked was when I did those draw-to-adopt pics! xD
Anyway, how have you been? :aww:
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Karai0318 Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Think you might want to keep tabs on the updates on this journal in case you face the same issues with the art stealer mentioned in the journal Vic...…
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